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Models Workshop After Hours Podcast is a miniature and model painting podcast with a heavy dose of crude adult humor. 

Feb 29, 2016

Welcome to After Hours! The premier miniature painting podcast by the painters and hobbyists of Models Workshop. Join Larry, Yeji, Clint, Joe, and Adam as we discuss tips and tricks, hobby news, announcements, and a large dose of comedy. 

On this episode we are joined by Jillian Walker of Foxtail Studios, Bitches with...

Feb 28, 2016

Funny After Hours outtakes from Ep32. 


Audio quality isn't the best, this is from the Skype recorder. 

Feb 15, 2016

This week Yeji, Clint, Adam, and Larry are joined by Lyn Stahl of Metalhead Minis (, Shoshie Bauer of Colourwise and Shoshie Magnificent Miniatures and Chung Chow of Wargamers Consortium and the Draconic Awards ( 

In this episode sort down and discuss the Las Vegas Open and...

Feb 1, 2016

Welcome to Episode 30!

We have been told there is a minor audio glitch. I apologize but there is nothing that can be done currently

Today we have Morgan from Colourwise, a group for colorblind painters joining us as we talk about blending and paint transitions. We have Larry, Yeji, Joe, and Adam also in the house as we...