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Models Workshop After Hours Podcast is a miniature and model painting podcast with a heavy dose of crude adult humor. 

Dec 18, 2017

Join Larry, Rie and James Wappel with special guests Dan from Paint all the Miniatures and Nicholas from Skirmish Supremacy as we sit down in the Workshop talking about Podcasting and the things that we learned since we started! 

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Dec 4, 2017

Join Larry, Rie, Amy, James with special guest Tim Martin from NEWay Designs as they sit down in the Workshop and talk about paint storage and laser cutting.

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Nov 20, 2017

Join Larry, Clint and Wayne Rogers from KublaCon where we sit and chill and have fun while talking about the hobby. We also discuss KublaCon and Wayne running the painting competition there for the last 12 years. He drops some knowledge bombs on people planning on running some larger scale events.


Nov 5, 2017

Join Larry, Yeji, Rie. Guildy and special guest James Wappel for Episode 80 of the After Hours podcast. Taking it back to the way it was with the podcast, more structure, actually talking about and including a lot more of the hobby content. This week we had the amazing James Wappel come on and we recorded a...

Oct 23, 2017

Yeji and Clint are down in Texas so Larry, Guild, Rie, and Charles are in the studio with the liquor pouring and the Laughs happening!

Models Workshop After Hours is where the crew and friends of the site sit back and chill while painting their miniatures and models. Topics range from miniature/modeling companies, paint...