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Models Workshop After Hours Podcast is a miniature and model painting podcast with a heavy dose of crude adult humor. 

Sep 24, 2018

Yeji, Jim, and Chris are joined by Mark from Frozen Ninja 3d to talk about their upconijg Kickstarter, 3d sculpting on the computer  and ReaperCon! So sit and kickback, grab those paints and brushes and get ready to paint paint those miniatures, with Models Workshop After Hours! 

Sep 18, 2018

Ian and Chloe join Peter in the UK Workshop to discuss weird tools you might never need, the new Warhammer Conquest magazine series, and some titillating Kickstarters.

Sep 10, 2018

Join Guildy, Yeji  and Larry for episode 100 of After Hours! 

Sep 3, 2018

Now that the ridiculous UK heatwave has ended, Dave finally joins us, and we chat about his #WAAC initiative, being a Warhammer Hobby Hero, and realise that he interviewed Larry many years ago!


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