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Models Workshop After Hours Podcast is a miniature and model painting podcast with a heavy dose of crude adult humor. 

Jun 7, 2021

Welcome model workers to another episode of Models Workshop After Hours podcast. On this weeks episode we suckered, I mean talk my friend and co-host of Full Metal RPG join Krys and I on a journey way back to the years of old. We discuss lots of orcs, kit bashing, podcasting, equipment, and many other things!

If you...

May 10, 2021

Heyo Model Workers, on this episode of Models Workshop After Hours a very tired Larry and Krys sit down and talk about the hobby including building a Space marine Army that doesn't have it's own codex. We also discussed out most recent reads as well. 

Apr 25, 2021

Yeji, Larry, and Krys talk about what they have been up to as well as some nice new Kickstarters. Larry also talks about the furture plans with Models Workshop and what he plans on doing with it.

Apr 15, 2021

Larry records a mainly solo episode of Models Workshop After Hours with a phone a friend to John to discuss the problems he has noticed that have been going on with him, some of the content that is coming up soon, and just random stuff!

Jan 11, 2021

Join Jay and Larry as we discuss getting into tabletop wargaming, specifically Warhammer 40k by Games Workshop. Jay talks about his Chaos Space Marines whioe Larry talk about coming back in and picking up Primaris Marines, a new army since he last played.